Mexican Wave


Fun & Tostadas….

May in Brighton is a lively month with the advent of The Fringe. Enthusing all festival goers with a sense of alternative experience, it’s a great opportunity to get out and about, enjoy the quirky, unusual and often chaotic fare on offer! This phase of tangible madness lasts only a month (6th May to 5th June) so get a move on to join upcoming frivolities!

With a view to some laughter and possible cringe-moments, myself and four friends hit the Revolution pop-up venue on Brighton seafront, near the Volks Railway to encounter Comedy in the Dark.  Interestingly enough the “dark” didn’t quite hit the spot and wasn’t dark enough, which launched a wave of hilarity among the audience on viewing the second act. Not wanting to spoil this for any future “dark-goers” it involved scant clothing and a furry animal – just use your imagination (we did). Needless to say the show was a mix of quipping one-liners, amusing anecdotes and a few head in hands stingers! Typical of the Brighton Fringe scene – fun melange of unusual venue, left field theme and a host of out-there individuals!

Emerging to a beautiful sunset over Brighton Pier was indeed food for the soul…..and thinking of that – restaurant o’clock.

Wahaca, the new Mexican squeeze in town, is a refreshing venue ringing out a high energy vibe and funky interior. Happy, welcoming staff, cocktails to get your taste-buds tingling plus food that will make your tummy smile. Linger in the bar or challenge your team to table football pre-munch, then embrace the comprehensive and inventive menu -it will not disappoint! Sharing is caring and streetfood portions for a group offer everyone a choice of mouthwatering Wahaca fare. Overall a simply delicious experience that needs to be regularly repeated – its highly recommended!


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