Big swimmers – turtles galore!


Ancient, endearing and intelligent, observe the gentle sea turtles in the Andaman Islands.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are inhabited by a variety of marine cultures, but the most treasured are the sea turtles. During the winter months every year, the largest turtles in the world choose to nest here, flocking in their thousands.

Kalipur Beach in Diglipur is the only beach in the world boasting four types of sea turtle that specifically come to nest. These protected species are the Leatherback Turtle, Olive Ridley, Green Turtle and Hawksbill. From December to February they lay their eggs and local forest officials duly collect them and bury them in a completely safe location to ensure not damage and guaranteed hatching. After 45 days the babies emerge, the guards collect them for brief observation then release them into the ocean.

It is an incredible sight to see these tiny turtles independently speed across the sand towards the water and swim away, their heads just visible above the water. The officials say that the amazing thing about the babies is it’s very rare they travel back up the beach, but instinctively head for the waves! A magical experience to be part of, Andaman Islands conservation work for turtles is helping mother nature ensure these exceptional creatures are given every opportunity to thrive.


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